Pond Management

crebillyfarm pond

Pond at Crebilly Farm, Westtown Township

The intent of this section is to help pond owners evaluate the impacts of the wide range of pond management alternatives, not only on short-term changes in pond appearance, but also on the ecological integrity of the pond - its inhabitants, water chemistry and longer-term health.

The information provided here builds on a report originally prepared in July 2004 by G. Winfield Fairchild, Department of Biology, West Chester University, with assistance from David Velinsky, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. (Click here for to view the original version.) We gratefully acknowledge the scientific and editorial advice of Harry Campbell (Gannett Fleming Engineers), Barb Lathrop (PA Department of Environmental Protection), Chotty Sprenkle (Chester County Conservation District) and Alfred Wright (Rettew Associates, Inc.) for their reviews of the original document. The Chester County Department of Computing and Information Services and the Chester County Water Resources Authority are also acknowledged for providing digital data, mapping and geographic information.

We are grateful for support from the Growing Greener Program (Grants ME# 351439 and SE# 080021) administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The views expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Environmental Protection.

The topics within this section were prepared by G. Winfield Fairchild, in collaboration with Gary W. Coutu and Christopher Robinson. The complete Pond Management document in .pdf format can be downloaded from the Resources/Links section of this website.