If you have made it this far you are to be congratulated for the dedicated effort at understanding the often complex ecological processes that underlie sound pond management. A few key points, elaborated in the document, are summarized here.
        First, most pond management problems are directly or indirectly caused by excessive nutrients. Understanding the sources of these nutrients, and devising methods of nutrient control, is a very sound approach to ecologically-based pond protection.
        Second, the algal, plant and animal communities in ponds are all interconnected, and are strongly influenced directly or indirectly by nutrient levels. In general, lower nutrient concentrations lead to much more desirable habitat for organisms and much less management expense.
        Third, individual ponds are part of a larger landscape. They protect stream networks by trapping nutrients, toxins and sediments, and serve as critical habitat sustaining regional aquatic biodiversity. Thus, careful maintenance of individual ponds also contributes to the ecological integrity of the surrounding region.

Farm Pond in Newlin Township