Ponds are typically taken for granted. We see them as we pass by and perhaps recall pleasant memories of swimming, fishing, catching frogs, canoeing or watching waterfowl and fish, but most residents of Chester County have little understanding of where our ponds have come from, or of what they provide ecologically for the region.

This website primarily describes the history, ecology and management of ponds in Chester County. Clicking the buttons for Pond Management, Pond Ecology, Pond History, and Pond Sediments from the menu bar at the top of the page will lead to a wealth of information on a range of topics of personal interest to homeowners, students and environmental professionals. Interactive maps may be accessed using the Pond Maps button. Other sources of information may be accessed within the sections, and also using the Resources & Links button. Finally, if you wish further information or want to leave a comment regarding this site, click on the Contact Us button at the upper left.
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